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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I got a kick out of this article. Makes the complaints about Halliburton getting Iraq contracts for things that they are one of less than 10 companies in the world qualified to do seem even more silly than they were on their face.

U.S. Finds Iraq Contractor with No Political Ties
(2003-04-19) -- The U.S. government has awarded a $7.9 Billion contract for the redevelopment of Iraq's oil industry to the only company it could find that had no political connections.

The White House, under pressure from Democrats to avoid awarding bids to major campaign donors, located the contractor in rural Howard, Pennsylvania.

Bob Yoder, of Howard, who runs a small engine repair shop, salvage yard and "groundhog mitigation service", said he would do his best to get Iraq's oil industry "up and humming again."

Mr. Yoder has never contributed to any political campaign and has never voted in an election.

"Between the engine shop and shooting groundhogs, I really don't have time for politics," said Mr. Yoder. "My old lady and I are excited about this deal because we've never flown in an airplane before."

Thanks to Stuart Buck for the pointer.


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