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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

ONE MURDER OR TWO? The double homicide charges against Scott Peterson for the murder of his wife and unborn child are giving the National Organization of Women fits, according to Susan Konig on National Review Online. The NOW seems convinced that the homicide charges regarding the unborn child is some part of vast anti-abortion conspiracy attempting to sneak a definition into the law that will ban abortion before anyone notices.

It baffles me the extent some of the hardcore right-to-abortion proponents will go to prevent any possibility that a fetus would recieve heightened protections in any area. As much as it pains me to offer strategic advice, it seems like they could draw a distinction between mothers who choose to keep their babies and those who choose to abort them, in much the same way that forced abortions such as those in China can be condemned. In fact, it seems like if "pro-choice" groups like NOW were serious about protecting the mother's choice, they should be willing to punish whoever deprived her of that choice (whether that person is Scott Peterson or not) with a crime that at least roughly equivalent to homicide.


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