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Friday, August 22, 2003

Democrats for Life Several prominent Democratic officeholders, including U.S. Representatives Jim Oberstar and Collin Peterson, have organized into an organization called Democrats for Life of Minnesota. Today's Strib reports that:

Janet Robert, an unsuccessful DFL candidate for Congress last year and founder of the group, said the party has suffered from what she calls its extreme position on abortion rights.

"Our goal is to make sure people understand that you can be a Democrat and be prolife," Robert said. "There's no reason the Democratic party should stand for abortion on demand when that is not the position of most Democrats."

Robert said the group wants to eliminate support of abortion rights as a litmus test for statewide office in the party. Although a number of state House and Senate candidates who oppose abortion manage to secure DFL Party endorsement, that is almost never true of gubernatorial or U.S. Senate candidates.

"Our goal is that supporting abortion-on-demand will never again be a litmus test for statewide office or any office," Robert said. The group would also support legislation that opposes abortion.

Something tells me that the group won't be entirely successful in eliminating abortion as a litmus test for statewide office, but at least there are a few Democrats capable of being honest about where the "mainstream" is on this issue.

Ever since Gov. Casey was shut out of the 1988 Democratic National Convention, I think pretty much everyone has known who has control of the Democratic party, and it isn't people who think like Janet Robert.

I do hope, however, that this group will succeed in moving the political center on this issue. It's time for the media to stop treating pro-lifers like they are part of some extreme fringe.


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