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Thursday, August 21, 2003

More anti-gun hysteria Local blogger Mitch Berg takes aim at an item on the website of Citizens for a Safer (for criminals) Minnesota.

The item suggests that the tragic death of New York City Councilmember James Davis is somehow evidence that conceal and carry reform legislation is unsuccessful.


New York City Councilmember James Davis, who was shot and killed inside City Council Chambers on July 23, 2003 was a former police officer and was armed at the time of the attack. He and the shooter, Othniel Askey, bypassed the metal detector located at the building entrance. The shooting occured at one of the most heavily protected sites in the city. Mayor Michael Bloomberg now requires everyone, including city council members, to pass through the metal detectors.

Ironically, Mr. Davis was killed just as he was about to introduce a resolution to prevent workplace violence.

First of all, I hope that none of the members of this organization ever complained that President Bush or any Republican "exploited the tragedy of September 11th for political gain" as we heard from pretty much every Democrat during the 2002 campaign.

Second, Mr. Berg is correct to point out that if the threshold of evidence for this issue is "one incident," the anecdotal evidence of crimes stopped by citizens who were packing totally overwhelms this single story, if this story was in fact about a failure of conceal and carry reform.

However, Mr. Berg overlooks an even more gaping problem in this group's "argument." The Davis tragedy actually demonstrates the problems of unlateral disarmament schemes (often referred to by their more common name "gun control"). You see, the place (New York City Hall) where Mr. Davis was murdered was actually subject to total gun control with metal detectors and all. It is in precisely such a location that an individual such as Mr. Davis' murderer can become the only person with a gun.

So, the headline shouldn't read CONCEAL AND CARRY DIDN'T PROTECT HIM. A more appropriate headline would be TOTAL GUN CONTROL DIDN'T PROTECT HIM.


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