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Monday, March 29, 2004

As for the substance of Kerry's sermon

I mostly focused on Kerry's contradictory position on whether faith should influence political decisions, but there are plenty of theological problems with Kerry's comments about the lack of Christian works by the Bush Administration. La Shawn Barber does a good job of dismantling Kerry's theology of works here.

Some excerpts:

James gives guidance on how individuals, not governments, can evaluate their faith to determine whether it's living or dead. It is the personal works of believers that James has in mind in this passage. It wasn't addressed to Caesar.

If Kerry were a Christian, he'd know that the biblical standard of the test of faith doesn't rest on whether poor people exist or teenagers are killed in the streets. Using taxpayers' money isn't a work of faith.

What you do as a professing Christian, i.e., using your own money or time to feed the poor, would be considered "works." Does Kerry see the distinction?

John Kerry would do well to remember that the word of God is a two-edge sword. Works without faith, genuine saving faith, are just as dead.

Link via Instapundit.

More about Kerry's misreading of James 2 can be found at HobbsOnline.


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