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Saturday, March 27, 2004

More on the political fallout of the Democrats' judicial embargo

Yesterday, I talked about why I thought the move by the Democratic Senate leadership to block all Bush's judicial nominees until he promises not to make any more recess appointments was a political loser for the Dems. Captain Ed posts
this at Captain's Quarters basically making the same point.

He makes a good point I missed specifically about how this will hurt Daschle in his re-election bid:

It's an election-year power play, and one that should backfire on the Democrats. Bush's conservative base has made noises this year about staying home because of his lack of fiscal constraint, but if Tom Daschle sets off a war over judicial nominees, you can bet your last dollar they'll all show up at the ballot box. Bush may not excite them, but the federal judiciary is a particular hot button on the right, and you can bet that the Republicans will use this to remind people that there may be as many as four Supreme Court seats that will open up in the next four years. Tom Daschle may rue the day he set off this escalation; in a state as conservative as South Dakota, Daschle will run into a buzz saw in his re-election bid with a strong conservative turnout.

On the topic of the South Dakota Senate race, you can read about trouble brewing for Daschle among his Indian constituency, including the fact that Russell Means (yes, that Russell Means) is supporting Thune: here, here, here and here.


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