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Friday, April 16, 2004

Power Line discusses our name-sake

The Big Trunk is writing about the wisdom of young Walter Mondale. For example:

As a third-year law student at the University of Minnesota Law School, Mondale wrote an extensive analysis of Minnesota's then-current campaign finance law, the Minnesota Corrupt Practices Act. Mondale's analysis was published as an anonymous note in the January 1956 issue of the Minnesota Law Review.

Mondale has never concealed his authorship of the note, though to our knowledge no one other than us has ever written about it before. Mondale donated an autographed copy for auction at a University of Minnesota Law School student fundraiser in 1979. I own the autographed copy. It is full of astute observations that belie the regime of highly regulated campaign finance that has become the law of the land with Mondale's support.

In his student note, Mondale first observed that the two key features of Minnesota's campaign finance statute were a fixed amount on the total expenditures that could be made by or on behalf of a candidate during primary and general elections, and public disclosure of contributrions and expenditures before and after each primary and general election campaign. Mondale criticized arbitrary financial limitations on campaign expenditures while supporting disclosure requirements.

Check out the whole thing.

UPDATE: The Fritz retrospective continues here and here.


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