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Saturday, November 06, 2004

My letter to Senator Coleman

I submitted the following letter to Sen. Coleman through his website:

Senator Coleman,

I am the president of the Federalist Society at the University of Minnesota Law School. I supported you in 2002 and I supported President Bush this year, primarily because I believe that it is vital for the health of our country's legal system that we have federal judges who respect the principles of the rule of law and the proper role of judges in our political system.

I have long been opposed to the idea of Senator Specter taking control of the Judiciary Committee, and his recent comments have only made it clear that my worst fears about Sen. Spector are correct. I read the entire transcript of his interview, which his office released in hopes of convincing people that his earlier comments were taken out of context, and I can find no reason to support his Chairmanship.

Two major newspapers endorsed Sen. Specter's reelection precisely because they believed his position as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee would thwart Bush's ability to place strong judges on the bench who support the rule of law. Despite Specter's recent attempt at damage control, I have no confidence that Sen. Specter will unequivocally support the President's judicial nominees. In my mind, this makes him unacceptable as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and it should make him unacceptable to any Republican who supports President Bush's judicial nominees as you have.


Harry N. Niska

I encourage everyone to get in touch with your Republican Senators and pass along similar sentiments. No Snarlin' Arlen running the Judiciary Committee.


Arlen Spector was Attorney General in Pennsylvania in 1972. He looked the other way while "Dr." Harvey Karman performed dangerous, experimental, illegal abortions on a busload of minority women bussed to Philadelphia by the "Jane" syndicate in Chicago. It was a fiasco.

Spector has a longstanding record of letting abortionists do as they please, regardless of the safety or well-being of the women he purportedly supports. There is no way this puppet of the abortion lobby should be put in charge of the Judiciary Committee.
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