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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"I know," said the March Hare, "Let's change the subject!"

No, this post is not going to be about public officials and their knack for dodging questions. Rather, this post is my own bit of rebellion against the relentless bludgeoning of an otherwise interesting subject -- same sex marriage. Since I started law school in September, we've had three or four "debates" on the subject that I can recall, as well as an endless drubbing of collateral subjects, most notably the Solomon Amendment. There is another depate Really, people, are there no other problems in the world? Have we nothing else to talk about? I think we do. Like I said, it is a fascinating social problem and one not faced by previous generations; however, good subject, much like good songs, can be played out. Let's move on to something else more pressing like restoring fiscal sanity, reforming (i.e. redefining) foreign policy, or having discussions about the larger structural issues of government.


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