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Friday, November 04, 2005

Islamist Riots: Not Just In France Anymore

While I might attribute some of the Islamist rioting to the reasons that jmag pointed out, my take is slightly different. The difference between America and Europe as regards immigration is that America has always demanded a certain degree of assimilation and conformity from immigrants. While the multicultural camp may be horrified by this, I think the refusal to assimilate has been a key factor in the Islamist rioting. How could anyone avoid feeling oppressed if they did not become a part of the country in which they lived? Assume a group of Americans moved to China but did not become "Chinese" in that they did not participate in society beyond their closed American community. Why wouldn't you be upset when events beyond your control, such as unemployment or the government of "outsiders" (i.e. non-Americans) telling you what to do? One aspect of non-assimilation that seems to set Islamist rioters apart is that their religious fanatacism (it qualifies as nothing less) will not allow them to coexist with any culture, religious or secular, which is not Islamic in nature. The rhetoric employed by the rioters in France, similar in Denmark (courtesy of Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish), tends to support my case.


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