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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

On the 13th Day of Rioting my True Love Gave to Me...

Several different explanations are being posited to explain the rioting in France. Jane Galt has a wonderful post here. She makes a good point about ghettoized and segregated populations. This would square somewhat with my previous hypothesis about assimilation, only it would shift "blame" (insofar as blame is able to be placed) for the non-assimilation from the North African/Muslims to the French. Be sure and check out the George Will piece she links to in her post. It's a wonderful piece concerning the effects of culture vs. human nature. Of course, one could take a more cynical view of the continued riots. According to today's Washington Post, the rioting has spread to 300 towns now. The French answer? 1,500 more police. Unless I'm totally incapable of simple division, that only comes out to 5 more police per town. Why stop rioting? Its not like they'll be able to get you!


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