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Thursday, September 18, 2003

For those of you who didn't hear Jason Lewis talking about this and stating the obvious arguments tonight: It appears MN's new pledge of allegiance requirement is causing some issues at Central High School. It seems that we have a student who wishes to exercise her right to "opt out" by remaining seated while the rest of the class stands, even though her teacher instructed her that she would not have to speak the pledge, or she could leave the classroom, but she was not going to disrespect the flag by remaining seated. I have no problem with not requiring the pledge in the first place. But I balk at the suggestion that these pukes can go to a public school and get at education at the expense of the taxpayers, and then think they have a right to disrespect the flag of the nation willing to provide them with a free education. If this isn't biting the hand that feeds you, I don't know what is. Seems to me if you want to take advantage of a taxpayer funded service, you should probably have to do so on the taxpayers' terms. The Pioneer Press article is here.

The best line of the article? "The MCLU plans to send a fact book to all Minnesota school superintendents in the next few weeks to try to clear up the questions." Thank God we have the MCLU to read the minds of the legislature and judiciary so we can all be sure of getting an unbiased, 100% accurate view of what the law requires.


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