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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Coming Battle

Let me agree with JMag on the thrill of the coming battle. The left is going to fight this, and practically every nomination that could possibly change the composition of the court, because they have foolishy relied on it as the only way of keeping abortion legal. Instead of pursing a constitutional ammendment or individual state statutes to legalize abortion, they have placed their hope in their ability to continue to successfully litigate the existence of this "right". The consequnce is that one Court decision could overturn Roe and throw the issue back to the states. Had the abortion lobby used normal means of establishing/overturning laws in individual states, they may have been very successful. As it stands now, however, Roe's overturn would provide an opportunity for pro-life groups and state legislators to ban abortion, a fight that I doubt the pro-abortion lobby is prepared for. Thus they must continue to fight court nominations and pay their lawyers so the issue can be kept out of the hands of the people.


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