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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"Cool Mom"?

Time to take a break from the soft news, cast lightly aside such ephemera as avian flu, foreign policy, various indictments, Alito, etc for some meaty fare. What am I talking about? Why the Mom who gave meth, pot, and alchohol to her daughter's high school friends of course! If you want to see an unbelievable example of the erosion of personal responsibility in this society, check out her excuses.

1. "I have bipolar." I suppose this might be true. I don't know. It sounds mighty suspicious, however. Every bipolar person I've ever met or heard of usually doesn't manifest it in binge drinking with kids 25 ages her junior, but in running around barefoot, and wearing too much makeup, or lousing up the Vikes draft for Denny Green. I think there's too much of a tendency in the law to let up on people who have "problems". Of course she had some sort of emotional or mental problem, or else she wouldn't have done what she did. However, that shouldn't absolve her from the consequences, in my humble opinion.

2. "I always wanted to be popular, and this was my chance." Sure, there are a lot of people who weren't spectacularly popular in high school. But not all of those people are now obsessing about it to the degree of this woman. Get over it! Everyone has probably felt isolated or lonely or unpopular at some time or other, even those who are to all appearances quite popular. That doesn't mean anyone who's ever felt this way is justified or even partially excused in buying meth for high school kids, and then getting in their pants, which leads me to...

3. "It's the double standard". I agree that there's a bit of a double standard here, but it's actually in favor of this undeserving woman. The woman was bothered by the fact that "if a man does it, he's a stud, if a woman does it, she's a slut." Guess what. If a man was passing out alchohol and drugs in order to take advantage of fifteen year old girls in his house, he would be in far deeper than this woman. He'd be headed for the grey bar hotel and probably would have a waiting list for his "favors" once he got there. (Child molestors are not popular in prison, or rather, more popular than they'd like to be. Or so I've heard). This woman in all probability, however, was the "cool mom". And she is more to be pitied than censured. In some sense that's probably because we'd expect the forty year old guy to be more likely to be a predator than this woman. That shouldn't mean that she's absolved from her egregious behavior. That should just mean we are more aware that people like this exist in the world.


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