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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Joe "Liber"-man

Sorry, I had to go with the pun off the bat. This Wall Street Journal article is interesting. I know many (if not most) libs consider Lieberman a bit of a squish, but I still think his opinion is worth something. I think his piece is an interesting perspective on Iraq. Personally, I'm still torn on the issue of going to war in the first place. I think it was justified, but not necessarily the right thing to do . I for one am a little disturbed by the arguments stressing our justification in "freeing" the people of Iraq rather than protecting our own citizens. I don't think it is our government's responsibility to provide freedom, peace, and prosperity to non-citizens (or due process?). Anyway, I do think it's encouraging the good news that one hears from Iraq, if one ignores the conventional media.


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