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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Despite having engaged in a little at Drake as an undergrad (take that Joan Jett!), I think the sign-waving and chanting method of demonstrating is generally pretty much worthless.  Signs, songs, chants, woo hoo, aren’t you impressive?  On a political issue, maybe, maybe you can have some effect, but it isn’t likely, since any argument gets reduced to something stupid, simple, and utterly incomplete.  On a legal issue, seriously, how can you even think this would make a difference either way?  Do these people think RBG is going to wake up one morning, see their signs and think “Oy vey! I’ve been so wrong!”  Or Clarence Thomas deciding “you know what, to hell with the text, I’ll ask these people what they think” Oh well, its probably really just a way for them to raise funds for when it really matters.           

Note: The link no longer works, the story that it linked to was about demonstrators on both sides of the issue (using the aforementioned signs, songs, chants, etc…) were doing their thing outside of the Supreme Court building because of the Ayotte case.


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