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Thursday, November 10, 2005


I could be accused of posting links to National Review’s website far too often, but that would require that we actually have readers.  Too bad.  National Review, to a large extent, is conservatism.  Not that this is to the exclusion of the Weekly Standard, the American Spectator, Human Events, the American Enterprise, Commentary, or even the American Conservative, (not to mention the numerous think tanks, blogs, etc…) it just happens to be my preferred “brand” in most cases.

That said, here are some more links:
Mac Owens, a Marine, an associate dean of academics and professor of national security affairs at the Naval War College, has an excellent tribute to the Marine Corps on its 230th birthday.  For my part I will be sure to raise a glass to the Corps at some point this evening.  

John J. Miller, National Review’s national political reporter, is writing a book on the John M. Olin Foundation and how it helped propel the modern conservative movement.  He is interviewed for NRO here.  This is of particular interest to Fed-Soc members, because the Foundation funded the original meeting that spurred the creation of the society, with some accidental help from National Review.  

And in an attempt to convince myself that I can read other things, here is a decent article from the New York Times on the first few weeks of the Roberts court.


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