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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Drudge has the siren up:  
Alito rejected abortion as a right; paper shows personal view... Developing...
Thanks Matt, now we get to hear Ralph Neas run his mouth all day long, and no doubt endure a new round of talking points against this eminently qualified judge.  Sure, Pat, Jerry, and James will dig this, but really, how much do they ever help anything?  
As I have said before, what some people have trouble understanding is that abortion will not become instantly illegal if Roe is overturned.  The left promotes the view that it would be, because they know they will be impotent when it comes to taking the fight to the state legislatures.  Sure, states like New York and Connecticut (and Minnesota) will probably continue to allow abortion on demand, but others will not.  If the Republicans in the House and Senate are smart, they will take the opportunity to shut their mouths and not act on such an overturn (if, and it is a HUGE if, it ever occurs), emphasizing that the proper level for decision on this issue is beneath them.  

A point to ponder:
I would guess that liberal/leftist advocacy groups put far more effort into defending the Constitutional “right” created by Roe than the NRA et al. put into defending a right that is in the Constitution pretty explicitly, yet the NRA gets ridiculed.


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