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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

People's Weekly World

I've noticed that someone's been dropping off this fine publication every now and then here at the law school. I also noticed that nestled in between the positivity that the "people" believed was resulting from every negative thing that happens to everyone else, was an interesting item. The paper covered the celebration of the Russian Revolution, and had pictures of "veterans" marching to celebrate the rise of the most repressive regime of all time (and sorry Green Day, that regime is represented by the red stars you wear on your idiot "punk" clothes, not the leader of the country in which you have the freedom to spew your idiot "punk" slogans, stirring up the junior high brats who want to rebel, but are afraid to do it against their parents. Sometime I'm going to do a whole entry on Green Day.) Anyway, the article also mentioned that the revolution was the "foundation for modern society". So that's why there's so much poverty and violence and hatred in the world today! I was wondering, but it turns out that society is based on communism, and communism has died, so apparently (by the logic of the PWW), human society in general must be dying too. Interesting.


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