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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rehashing last night, having fun at the expense of moronic undergrads

I must note that you just blew any anonyminity you had planned to maintain, but I did like the article.  Unfortunately for Provost Sullivan, the entering class may not be as bright as he thought.  I quote one Amelia Smith, a freshman (I changed that to freshman from “first year student” in the article, since she is probably the type who would be offended by the term freshman) and one of the protesters:

  “Yoo has helped to commit a lot of atrocities. I want to make sure that he knows he’s not welcome at my university.  In my eyes, he’s pretty much a criminal.”

Gee Amelia, glad to know you’re a judge, I could use a clerkship for the summer.

She apparently was a speaker and organizer at some sort of anti-war walkout last week.  It occurs to me that given her tactics, Miss Smith may have been one of the older members of the audience who appeared to have just recently stepped out of her 1967 haze.  

“As students paying for tuition, we want him to know that he isn’t welcome here.”
And what about all of the students on both sides that did welcome Professor Yoo?
Amelia, teach yourself something about funding at a large public university before you decide that you think your tuition dollars are paying for anything over in Mondale Hall.  Also, your debate style needs help, I mean, putting your hands over your ears and shouting “I can’t hear you!” just does not hold up.  

As for my peers on the left, thank you for being respectful.  I think Sebastian Ellefson put it well “It seems an odd thing to express your free speech at the expense of others.  A bunch of us just came to learn.”


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