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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sports Arbitration

Thought this story on arbitration was interesting, mostly because I think Terrell Owens is pretty much worthless as a human being.  Also because the NFL Players’ Association is just as worthless as an organization, at least for players on TO’s level, who can afford their own lawyers (since the Eagles were still paying him, just not allowing him to play).  The union has now threatened to dismiss the arbitrator that upheld the team’s decision during their window to do so in the beginning of December because "His ruling ... ignores the obligation a club has to either provide employment to a player or allow him to play somewhere else. We are confident that we put in a winning case at the hearing last Friday, and we still believe Terrell Owens had a right to a legitimate reinstatement."
Forgive me if I shed no tears for Owens, I instead agree with Joe Theismann, who said, Obviously he won't be with the Eagles next season. He walked across that bridge with jet fuel and a lighter, and now there's no turning back.”  I will admit to being absolutely clueless on the existence of any “right” of a player to play as long as he is still being paid under his contract, so I ask: Any ESLA people out there to comment?


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