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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Apprentice 4

I never really watched The Apprentice until recently, owing mostly to the fact that I now don’t have cable and I needed something to watch before Bar Review.  Tonight was the big finale, and Minnesota native Rebecca was passed over in favor of Randall.  I thought both candidates were very good, and both made me feel like a total slacker.  Its been discussed that Rebecca founded a non-profit foundation to benefit disenfranchised children, which is cool, though I think the term is overused and a bit improper when used to refer to anything other than denial of the franchise (political rights) to those who would otherwise have it (i.e. felons in most states).  Its probably still really cool, if anyone reading this knows the name of the foundation could you post it in comments, I can’t seem to find it.  

Anyway, throughout the episode I predicted (to myself, I have no corroboration) that the Donald, in an attempt to rock the world and be awesome and, well, to build hype, would hire both candidates.  He didn’t, but he asked Randall if he should, and Randall said he thought it would be improper.  Not the nicest thing ever to do, but I suppose he wanted to preserve his place in the limelight.  


Randall did say that Trump should only hire one apprentice TONIGHT.

I think Trump planned to hire both and said he would crown one winner and hire the other. So, Randall probably knew that Rebecca would still have a job, he just didn't want to share the spotlight. God, I hope that's the reason. Otherwise, Randall had all fooled.
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