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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iraq Votes! Libs Ignore.

I thought this was a very interesting list. I've been spending some time at, reading about the election in Iraq (which seems a very positive thing, high turnout, very little violence). Then, I ran across this page, categorizing the response on liberal blogs. You ready? [Drumroll] Pretty much none! (And before you say anything, I know that liberal blogs don't represent mainstream liberal thought, conservative blogs would do the same thing, etc, etc, etc). However, it does call into question the political climate of the day. Back in the day we (as far as I know) sincerely believed in different things as policy considerations, not as a fervent faux-religion. If facts that disagreed with us came up, we'd acknowledge them and either explain them or temper our own views (something I still strive to do, not always successfully). But it seems we're past that. If anyone has seen the video of Sam Seder on CNN just acting a fool in regards to the "war on Christmas" (which I think is kind of a joke to begin with), you would understand. We're no longer relying on the same facts to draw different conclusions or perhaps formulate common ground and then diverge on belief structures. We now ignore anything not good for our cause. And I think that's a problem.


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