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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iraq War Intelligence

In her Opinion Journal column this week Peggy Noonan discusses President Bush’s recent round of speeches on the Iraq war, where he has re-acknowledged and accepted responsibility for the decision to go to war based on intelligence that turned out to be false.  Just a taste of the column:

In his speech yesterday the president said the obvious: that the intelligence received in the buildup to the war was faulty. He asserted that Saddam's past and present history justified invasion nonetheless. This left me thinking again about a particular part of the WMD story. I decided my own position in support of invasion after Colin Powell warned the U.N. in dramatic terms of Saddam's development of weapons that were wicked, illegal and dangerous to the stability of the world. It is to me beyond belief that he was not speaking what he believed to be true. And I believed him, as did others.


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