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Monday, December 12, 2005

Justice for Tookie

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger denied Tookie Williams’ request for clemency today, he is slated to die just after midnight.  Here is the AP story, and here is the Gov’s official statement.

Fox 9 news at 5 referred to Tookie Williams as the author of “best selling” children’s books.  Way to do your research Channel 9, his most popular (to stretch the hell out of the term) has sold about 330 copies, while another has sold 2.  I pulled this off of a story on that is highly critical of the Hollywood left’s demand for clemency.  It is definitely worth a read, sorry Snoop.  I can’t seem to find much info on the website itself about, well, the website, but they do have commentary by Jesse Jackson, who favors clemency, though others on the site do not.  

The point made in these pieces that I find interesting is that Tookie’s claims of redemption cannot be separated from the fact that he has never owned up to his crimes or apologized to the families.  Redemption, eh?


FYI--Steve Marchese has a letter to the STrib up at
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