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Monday, December 05, 2005

Saddam: Southern Baptist Preacher!

And I say-uh. That you-uh, will-uh be the one judged-uh. You have no power over me. (Tikriti: Amen, Bombs Away!). Thus sayeth Saddam, I am not afraid to die-uh! You may cut my beard-uh, you may cut my neck-uh, but you shall NOT take away my....(thinks "crap, they have taken everything away, including my necktie")... legacy as a cruel dictator-uh (Tikriti: Give it to 'em). Though I die-uh, my spirit will live on. Where there is death, I am there-uh. Where there is enforced poverty of the masses to benefit an autocratic ruler, I am there-uh. Brothers and Sisters, the judge here is not legitimate. He represents everything I abhore-uh. Justice, Liberty, and Tolerance-uh. (Tikriti+ Preach it!). Brother Ramsey Clark will now proceed with his ongoing disgrace-uh of the legal profession.


That is pretty funny JMag
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