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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Alito and the Environment

Here’s Jonathan Adler, law prof at Case Western Reserve, frequent contributor to NRO, and who also spoke here during the first semester, commenting on environmental alarmists and the Alito nomination.  

Random paragraph selection:

Environmentalists find further evidence of Alito's alleged adherence to radical federalist views in a 1986 memo which he wrote as a Department of Justice attorney, recommending that President Reagan veto the Truth in Mileage Act. Judge Alito's alleged offense is that he had the temerity to suggest that laws governing used-car sales, like contract law generally, should remain the province of the states. This is a particularly odd basis for environmentalists to criticize Alito, as they regularly argue against federal efforts to preempt state regulation of automobiles, attacking the Bush administration for arguing that federal environmental laws limit state authority to adopt varying standards.


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