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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alito benchslaps Schumer

The Washington Post has transcripts of the hearing, which allows me to bring you this (ht Southern Appeal, I “missed” Sen. Schumer’s time today, personal issues):

SCHUMER: Does the Constitution protect the right to free speech?

ALITO: Certainly it does. That's in the First Amendment.

SCHUMER: So why can't you answer the question of: Does the Constitution protect the right to an abortion the same way without talking about stare decisis, without talking about cases, et cetera?

ALITO: Because answering the question of whether the Constitution provides a right to free speech is simply responding to whether there is language in the First Amendment that says that the freedom of speech and freedom of the press can't be abridged. Asking about the issue of abortion has to do with the interpretation of certain provisions of the Constitution.

SCHUMER: Well, OK. I know you're not going to answer the question. I didn't expect really that you would, although I think it would be important that you would. I think it's part of your obligation to us that you do, particularly that you stated it once before so any idea that you're approaching this totally fresh without any inclination or bias goes by the way side.
But I do have to tell you, Judge, you're [whoa there WaPo, I know half of my undergrad friends and probably most of the law school cannot keep your and you’re straight, but come on, you’re kind a big time newspaper, and your lack of editing ability troubles me – Jason] refusal I find troubling. And it's sort as if I asked a friend of mine 20 years ago -- a friend of mine 20 years ago said to me, he said, you know, I really can't stand my mother-in-law. And a few weeks ago I saw him and I said, "Do you still hate your mother-in-law?"
He said, "Well, I'm now married to her daughter for 21 years, not one year."
I said, "No, no, no. Do you still hate your mother-in-law?"
And he said, "I can't really comment."
What do you think I'd think?

ALITO: Senator, I think...

SCHUMER: Let me just move on.

Who’d have thought that Chuck Schumer himself would point out the glaring weakness of abortion as a “right”?


Wow. I'm actually more intelligent, thoughtful, and eloquent than a member of Congress. Come to think of it, that applies to most of the members of Congress. Come to think of it, I already knew that. Chuck's a dunce.
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