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Monday, January 09, 2006


Ok, I know I copped out of my last post by saying I was tired, but this is just too good.  Harry Belafonte, who is somehow still considered famous, was in Venezuela recently, hanging out with Hugo Chavez, along with Danny Glover and Cornel West.  While he was there he called President Bush the “Greatest Terrorist in the World” and claimed that millions of Americans support the “socialist revolution of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez” (quoting the article).  Clearly Harry’s inability to count (or tendency to exaggerate, whichever works for you) sheds new light on the need for Mr. Tally Man to tally his bananas.  My solution?  When daylight comes and he wanna go home, Harry should go ahead and stay in Venezuela. After all:

“Belafonte accused U.S. news media of falsely painting Chavez as a "dictator," when in fact, he said, there is democracy and citizens are "optimistic about their future."

Well isn’t that special.  


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