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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fight against Lethal Injection

Apparently a lot of people are calling lethal injection "cruel and unusual" because it may cause some inmates pain. Oh, as opposed to every other method of execution? This sounds to me like just another attack on the institution of the death penalty. Like Volokh, and unlike Ivan at Joint Strike Weasel, I don't mind a little pain in capital punishment. I think it's a good deterrent, and often the "victims" deserve it, having inflicted much more pain on their actual victims. (And yes, I am advocating some form of retributive justice.)


State Sen. Kyle Janek (Republican, Houston), an anesthesiologist, addressed the "cruel and unusual" question to my satisfaction. A normal surgical dose for a man weighing 220 pounds would be about 300 milligrams. Yet for lethal injection, the inmate receives 3 grams - or 10 times the normal amount based on body weight.

Justice Kennedy is wasting everyone's time. I guess "killing precedents" are only important when the victim is a baby.
Sorry, the above dose is sodium pentothal...
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