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Monday, January 30, 2006

Flushing Civility

Recently the UofM Law School National Security and Law Society, of which I am a member, hosted Coleen Rowley on campus.  The purpose of the NSLS is to promote discourse on national security issues, given the fairly widespread discontent with the content of political discourse in this country.  I did not attend the event, but from people who did I have heard that it was a bit weak.  Of course, Rowley is running for Congress, something that has probably never made anyone smarter.  Now Rowley is painting her opponent, Republican Congressman John Kline as a Nazi.  Of course, Power Line is on the case. I can’t find the photoshopped image on her website, though I haven’t looked around too much, as it is just a little too Democratic Underground-ish for me.      


The photoshopped image has been removed, though with no acknowledgment that it ever existed and no apology. Apparently, it was posted on a campaign 'blog,' with a message from Rowley saying "I support this excellent blog written by one of our best volunteers!" I don't know whether that was added after the picture was up in an attempt at plausible deniability. In addition, all comments on the blog referencing the picture seem to have been removed. The article itself was about Kline's effort to replace Grant with Reagan on the $50 bill, which seems a ridiculous place for a Nazi allusion, not that it would be acceptable under any other circumstances.
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