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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I think this is a pretty good column. Mostly because I really like Lileks' writing, and I want an excuse to link to him. Also because I dislike people who try to be funny and political and fail (which is mostly everyone, from Bill Maher to Al Franken, from Margaret Cho, to Jeneane Garafalo. Basically, everyone but maybe Jon Stewart and maybe Dennis Miller). Joel Stein's column in the LA Times was frankly stupid (I'm not sure if everyone's heard about it). He said "supporting the troops" was hypocritical if you disagreed with the war. It was not only stupid to give some of the on-air Hannity-esque blowhards a chance to puff up their chests and turn purple with outrage. It was stupid because it makes very little sense. He backpeddled a little bit to soften the blow, but it's hard to know what he was suggesting. You don't like the war. We know. Are you suggesting calling out the troops? What do you mean by "not supporting the troops"? Not speaking well of them? Basically, I have no idea what Stein's suggesting. But I do know this. He definitely falls into the "political humorist" genre, which means he hasn't a clue about politics, and he's about as funny as your grandma falling down the stairs. (Or, if you, like me, find that funny, insert your own non-humorous alternative). (the relevent part is at the bottom)


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