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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jonah Goldberg at Carleton this Friday

Just thought some of you (boldly assuming that we have readers) might be interested.  Jonah Goldberg, syndicated columnist and frequenter of both National Review and NRO, will be speaking at Carleton College (jmag’s alma mater I believe) down in Northfield this Friday at 10:50am (odd time if you ask me), in the Skinner Memorial Chapel.  If you aren’t familiar, the guy is funny, smart, and when the L.A. Times picked up his column (and dropped Robert Scheer’s) Barbara Streisand flipped out, which should be reason enough to go.  


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Passing lightly over the spam, I really love Jonah Goldberg, and I wish I would have known he was coming to the ol' alma mater. And it's not an odd time, because that's when these things always are. I wish I could have been there.
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