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Saturday, January 07, 2006


First, Jonah Goldberg is awesome.

Second, I've got one of my four grades back. Which would logically mean only 3/4 of a night spent in sleepless agony on average. But that would assume that my drive, ambition, passion, and anything else associated with caring about results had not been sucked out of me, leaving me a hapless buffoon who really doesn't care about his grades any more. Come to think of it, law school really hasn't changed me a bit.

Third, here's a funny link. Yes, I do have too much time on my hands.

Fourth, I'm not in the mood for substantive debate, but this is supposed to be a legal blog, so here's an unsupported opinion (a rarity in this faceless blog-world). Confirm Alito! Anyone who votes against confirming him is either a communist or Ted Kennedy. Or both. So there.


1. Agreed
2. Ditto
3. 15677? We can move that up, I mean, Harvard (ex parte) and Columbia (ex post) are ranked 8671 and 8493 respectively (probably because, being Harvard and Columbia, they are on far more blogrolls, we need to get on that), and we update far more often, and are clearly better looking. Now, our daily visit count is not listed, I wish it was, to prove my theory that Ivan and Vergasy are our only readers, aside from spamming park rangers.
4. How dare you mock the great Senator Kennedy, he has devoted so much of his life to public service (though never lifeguarding), and is only seeking to protect America from a man (Alito) who was so clearly influenced by the Goldwater presidency (no joke, he said it in a speech).
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