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Thursday, January 12, 2006


ALITO: Senator, it was a general statement that didn't go into -- it didn't...

SCHUMER: But it had no exceptions. You didn't make that...

ALITO: It was one sentence, and it certainly didn't represent...

SCHUMER: There was no -- you didn't write any exception for that situation. Correct? It just said the Constitution does not protect. It was without exception. And, yesterday, you didn't argue me when I mentioned that without exception.

ALITO: I don't recall your using the words without exception.

SCHUMER: I think I did.

SCHUMER: If you believe...

ALITO: Could I just answer that question? It's one sentence and it certainly is not an attempt to set out a comprehensive view of the subject.

SCHUMER: No, I understand that. [no Chuck, you don’t] But it was a very strong statement. It didn't talk about any exceptions at all. And the way I read that statement, even if a woman was raped by her father, she'd have no constitutional protection to have an abortion and terminate that pregnancy. If you believe the Constitution protects no right to an abortion that would follow, wouldn't it?

ME: Seriously though, Sen. Schumer thinks Alito hasn’t considered possible exceptions to the pro-life position, like a woman raped by her father?  He schumes:

“Knowing these examples, do you still refuse to distance yourself in any way from a broad, unqualified statement, without exception, that the Constitution does not protect the right to an abortion? No ands, ifs or buts, is my words.”

He also just lied through his teeth and referred to the CAP membership as an “important issue.”  Screaming self caricature alert! Want some more schuming?

“Sorry to interrupt, but we have limited time. What about commerce clause? Raich came to the court a couple years ago. Raich has roots all the way back in Wickert v. Fillburn.”

Good to know he keeps up to date…  Or maybe Schumer years move faster than people years?  Wait, did Sen. Cornyn just refer to Schumer as an “enormously talented and very bright lawyer.”  I mean, I know that Senators are very into collegiality, but it doesn’t have to include lying, does it?


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