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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another Funeral Goes Awry

This was pretty outrageous. Whatever happened to civility in our political system? The president of the United States has shown up to honor the memory of a civil rights pioneer. Whether or not he agreed with her politics, whether or not she agreed with him on everything or anything, and whether or not he even wanted to be there, or was motivated by political reasons, he was there. And he deserves at least a modicum of respect. Perhaps a speech or two touches lightly on modern applications of CSK's work. That's fine. But don't incite standing ovations on blatant attacks on the man sitting right behind you. Paul Wellstone's funeral was worse. There was booing when Republicans entered the place. But this was pretty bad. And on a related note, why in the world is anyone still paying any attention to Jimmy Carter. I'd say he was becoming senile, but the man has been an idiot since day one. He has to be considered one of the the worst presidents of all time, and probably in the top three. And yet the man is honored as an elder statesman, when all he is is a confused old shell of a former president, who happened to be a confused slightly younger president a long time ago.


Do you think there was anything said during the funeral that Coretta Scott King would not have said, or would have been upset that it was said at her funeral? Just asking..
I think that's irrelevent. It wasn't a political rally, nor should it have been. It was a funeral/ memorial service. Honoring the memory of a person shouldn't involve belittling people in attendance. Funerals shouldn't be confrontational. Although it'd be a lot more fun if they were.
I don't think it's irrelevant at all. It was the funeral/memorial service of a very political person who lived a very political life. How do you avoid politics?

Further, you don't think President Bush's presence there had anything to do with politics?
I don't think CSK would have approved of the way Carter or Lowery disgraced her funeral with simplistic hackery. The Kings were complex people, with a load more class than these opportunistic morons. Also, someone needs to point out that it was RFK who tapped the Kings. In any event, pretty much nothing falls outside the political realm anymore. As for Bush's attendance being political, that may be, but I think it was more than anything a sign of respect for the woman (and yes, her husband), and a sign of how far we've come on race issues (which, incidentally, I think Bush has a better grasp on than Lowery or Carter). Come on, how hard would it be to keep the overt attacks for some other time?
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