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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cartooning - By Salman Rushdie?

This whole deal that has broken out over the Danish cartoons is getting ridiculous. Countries have withdrawn ambassadors from the country, and Danish flags have been burned. This just highlights some of the problems with not only extremist Islam, but perhaps Islam in general. Printing cartoons in a newspaper is nothing compared to the almost daily attacks on Christianity in this country (many humorous, although some rather mean-spirited). If this is the reaction, what would happen if a picture of Mohammed was engulfed in urine and called "art", one wonders? Is a culture that is clearly not ready for free speech ready for democracy? These are questions supporters of an expansive foreign policy must answer, I think. Spreading democracy is all well and good until Hamas is elected. Maybe the answer is letting some people stew in their own juices until they realize the necessity of protecting basic liberties (while always being sure to protect our country).


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