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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Figure Skater in Soviet Jacket

What. A. Tool.  


Total Idiot. If you're a fan of Russia and Russians, why wear a jacket bearing the logo of a repressive government that killed literally millions of Russians? Unless you're ignorant, like all the rest of the people who still wear CCCP garb.
Um, terribly sorry, but did you read the article. He specifically said, "It's not that I'm anti-American or anything like that ... I just admire Russian culture and Russian skaters for their strength and their perseverance through everything they go through." Unless you have some reason to disbelieve him, I'd suggest taking it easy on the vitriol.
Easy on the vitriol? I accused him of being an idiot (not of being anti-American), which he clearly is if he thinks wearing the Soviet crap is somehow pro-Russian. He says it himself, in the line you quote, that he admires Russian culture, perseverence, "everything they go through", but fails to understand (or even consider) that what the Russian people have had to go through, as James noted, was BECAUSE OF THE CCCP.
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