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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Law and Philosophy

First Things, the Journal of Religion, Culture, and Public Life, has a review by Justice Scalia of a book by Steven D. Smith (co-director of the Institute for Law and Philosophy at the University of San Diego) entitled Law’s Quandary.  I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but so far it is interesting.  

Also, saw this one linked on Southern Appeal today, a site called The New Constitutionalist, and it looks interesting.  Their mission:

The New Constitutionalist is devoted to exploring and advancing the cause of liberal constitutionalism as understood by the founders of the American republic. Contributors represent a broad spectrum of disciplines include professors of political science, mathematicians, economists, lawyers, journalists, and other informed citizens who share this commitment.

As Matthew Franck at Bench Memos points out that this means “’liberal’ as in ‘conservative.’”  

They have some really good stuff up right now, topics including: Abu Ghraib, Intelligent Design, judicial nominations (yeah well, who doesn’t), Israel/Hamas, and more.  

Incidentally, we are working on updating some things, so I will dedicate the comments section of this post to any thoughts you may have on what to add.  Wow, this is me encouraging spam, but I reserve the right to smite/mock.  


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