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Friday, February 24, 2006

Port Authority

Sorry about the posting drought, I was at the Library.  I haven't posted much on the whole port brouhaha yet, which is the issue-du-jour (or really, semaine), so I thought I might try to figure out just what I think.  A little conversation at the Library with a friend got me to this point:

     1. We haven't exactly had a lot of problems with the UAE.
     2. This is a business deal (an acquisition; contracts exam flashback imminent),
         day to day operations shouldn't change much, and as for security, that's our job
         no matter who is in charge.
     3. All of that aside, they're OUR ports, so we should have Americans running
         them (can I join the AFL-CIO now?).  Not Brits, not Arabs, not Scots, not
         Japanese, not even Australians.  As my friend pointed out, the President
         rides around in Cadillac for a reason.
     4. If I hear you say that President Bush is selling the ports to Arabs, I might lose
         it.  I heard this enough times over the past week that I had to go back to what
         I had read originally, and sure enough, yup, it's the Brits selling the ports.    

So basically, this change hardly registers on my meter.  I guess it called attention to the issue of who runs our ports, which is good, but sale or no sale has no effect on the fact that I don't particularly care for them being run by foreigners (am I a xenophobe yet?), whoever they may be.  

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg has an NRO column on the topic here.  


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