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Monday, February 20, 2006

WFB on Quailaquiddick

Must reading, as always.

"Now that gentleman’s [a NYT columnist] concern for the wellbeing of the Bush administration is on the level of his concern for the quail that Mr. Cheney did or did not kill (this is the only detail of the event unexplored by the historians). Why did the critic want Mr. Cheney to resign? Because “Mr. Cheney is arrogant, defiant and sometimes blatantly vulgar.” Oh? Yes — the critic arrived with documentation in hand: “He once told Sen. Patrick Leahy to perform a crude act upon himself.” You do not say! Well, that’s the kind of thing one would expect from somebody who goes about crippling his friends while ostensibly aiming only at quail."

That said, news coverage and blog discussions of the past week have called to mind this excellent thread on Ace of Spades HQ.

Also, I hate the usage X-gate used to describe any problem a politician may have.  Therefore I am going to use the formulation X-aquiddick, since Wednesday is Ted Kennedy's birthday.  Liquid lunch anyone?  


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