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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Advice and Consent or Beck and Call?

Democrats put a "hold" on F.D.A. head nomination.   I just really have a hard time believing this is their constitutional role.  Sure, the morning after pill is going to be a contentious issue, but it is not the only issue the F.D.A. has to deal with.  The Democrats claim to just want a decision, yes or no, but I think that's more than a little disingenuous.  I also think that if it was any other drug/treatment the same people would be demanding more tests, more studies, more investigation!  And how dare they make money off of this!  


I have a hard time believing it's the FDA's role to regulate morality, but that's what they've been doing by refusing to approve plan B as an over-the-counter drug, despite the approval of an advisory committee and the scientific staff. The Senate might be overstepping its bounds, but as long as it's doing so to rein in the FDA, I think that's all right.
I have a hard time believing that the FDA should exist in the first place!
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