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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fukuyama: A fun name to say

Christopher Hitchens has an interesting article on Francis Fukuyama's new book "America at the Crossroads." He takes Fukuyama to task for lazy and sloppy analysis (no, from the man who proclaimed the end of history? You're kidding.) But he also has an interesting critique of Fukuyama's anti-war ideas. It's informative and entertaining as an article about a defector from the neo-cons by a recent convert/temporary ally of the neo-cons. Anyway, here's the article.


Seriously though, where's Sam Huntington in all of this?
Also, in the most recent issue of National Review (in the "The Week" section) Hitchens is referred to as the "scourge of Islamofascism". I think that fits better than anything having neo attached.
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