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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kleenex Workers of the World Unite!

Some French workers refuse to be "kleenex workers" that can be used and thrown away whenever an employer wants it. In response, they broke things, smashed stores, and stole. I think someone needs to deflate the massive sense of entitlement felt by workers all over the world. "I can't be fired! For any reason! That wouldn't be fair." Meanwhile, the French decide that making firing workers extremely difficult will obviously not have any economic repurcussions, like, say, workers misbehaving with impunity without the fear of the possibility of being axed. Well, at least this news (if France follows through on their demands, but we've never known France to capitulate, so I'm sure this is just a hypothetical) guarantees that France will continue to be the economic powerhouse it is now.


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