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Monday, March 27, 2006

THe MSM, Blogs, and Thievery

This title violates a longstanding promise I had with myself to never use the term "mainstream media" or the acronym "MSM". Because that would make me a geek. But luckily, promises to myself (like promises to the American people), usually to study or stop eating at McDonalds, rarely are kept. The point of this is to point out an apparently growing phenomon in blogdom. Bloggers are getting plagarized by large newsgathering organizations. Here's one example. Here's another example, and one that I actually care about, because it involves Sports. I think the more we hear about stories about this, the better. It shows the growing power of an online reader controlled free-market of information, and the monopolies are starting to show cracks. So just so it's clear. I can't speak for Jason, but if any of the legion of mainstream journalists nosing around this site want to use any of my brilliance, they sure better credit me. Or actually, you know, just email me or something. Because blogging is so lonely.


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