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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Politicians and Twinkies

Some would suppose that many links could be found between Politicians and Twinkies. Jonah Goldberg, however, on NRO, has an interesting article on campaign finance reform. His basic argument is that like Twinkies, politicians should have to reveal where they get the money from, but beyond that, no limits should be put on. I do think there are genuine free speech concerns, especially with the current system. The President foolishly signed the bill even though he admitted that he thought it was unconstitutional. Also, the bill hurts Republicans by banning more of the generally Republican sources of money, while letting some huge Democratic donors slip through. Anyway, as usual, I'm in favor of deregulation. But I do think that sources should be revealed. If all the money is revealed, it will be used in the political process in a much more open fashion, which would probably do a much better job than driving the corruption underground.


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