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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Race and Conservatism

Volokh has a few interesting points on the black conservatives here (be sure to read the other two pieces in the trifecta). He is responding to what sounds like a truly horrific LA Times article explaining that White House Advisor Claude Allen committed fraud because he's black and conservative "forming a cognitive dissonence" that naturally led to thievery . Volokh's also got a study examining the raw numbers on political self-identification and race. It turns out that blacks are more conservative than one might think. Personally, I've always admired my black libertarian and conservative friends, mainly because they are often so ostracized in their communities for their views. I've frankly never seen the problem. Sure, in the Republican party and among the Paleo-Cons there is still some racism. Then again, I would argue that there is as much among the Democrats.


I find your post incredibly depressing, but only because it means that I spent 35 minutes on mine. I wish the L.A. Times piece didn't require registration, maybe I'll pull it up on Lexis later. As for racism in the Republican party (and the Democrats for that matter), you are right, to a point. The way I see it there are probably a handful of racist voters in each (the bottom of the barrel, like the HuffPuff commenters), but by the time you get to the top it is probably negligible if it is there at all.
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