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Friday, March 03, 2006


Jonah Goldberg has an interesting article on race issues here. I think films like Crash (as another contributer on NRO talks about) continually bring issues of race to the forefront as a continual problem. And I'm not disagreeing all that much. But I think it's very important to note how different the ground is today. It struck me today when people were actually arguing over whether welfare, education, etc were fundamental rights guarunteed by the constitution, an argument that parallels (in my mind) the argument that affirmative action and other measures are necessary equal protection measures. Frankly, these are arguments that are ludicrous, in my mind, mostly because I don't really like the concept of "positive liberties" over "negative liberties." And I think we're at the point where negative liberties, for all people of all races, are almost entirely attained (although the government is gradually sapping everyone's liberties, though on a equal basis). I think it's problematic to continue these debates as if they were continuations of the ones that came before, as opposed to new ground.


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