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Thursday, March 23, 2006

This guy is really getting on my nerves, I mean, does he ever sleep?

Earlier this week Ivan from JSW and I had a little exchange on the topic of banning protesting at funerals.  It's a strange topic all around, and that's before you get to the big issue: Are such bans constitutional?  Prof. Volokh discusses the relevant precedents on NRO.

Also, I've managed to come down with a cold, as I always seem to immediately upon returning from a break.  Sometime last night it decided that it would retreat from most of my body to consolidate its forces in my left ear, putting me out of commission for most of today.  So, if you have any amazing home remedies or ideas for that, send them my way, I would greatly appreciate it.  


I've been to this guy's website. It's as crazy as one would think. This again illustrates one of the main differences between other religions and Islam. This guy's group is almost as radical as a sect of "Christians" gets. And yet they have not participated in violence. And they have been decried by almost everyone in their purported religion. And they have like five followers, all in one family. But people still insist on saying, "Christianity has its lunatics too, like...(this guy, Falwell, etc)".
Fair enough, but I was referring to Prof. Volokh. How the hell can one person be that productive?
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