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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Why does he even bother?

So Eugene Volokh tossed up a post on the HuffPuff regarding an L.A. Times op-ed about Claude Allen, the former White House advisor and Court of Appeals nominee caught in a phony return scheme.  Read the whole thing, it's a short post, and to lighten your day, browse the comments.  Some of my favorites:

"People at Huff Post are smarter than you are, you sanctimonious windbag."

"Allen a house Negro? They're ALL house negroes over there at 1600 Pennsylvania."

"The guy is a Republican big shot. That explains his criminal inclinations completely. Race isn't relevant here."

There are some that are even worse, but they’re long and ill punctuated, without easy to pull out lines like that.  The first one copied above would be an interesting research project though.  My thesis: There are exactly zero HuffPuff commenters who are smarter than Eugene Volokh.  I may not agree with the guy on every single issue, but let's face it, he's a REALLY smart guy.  


I like your post better than mine.
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